A little drop

I dropped the night

Into a watery sky.

And watched

it’s inky fingers spread.

Stains across the sun.

And smiled.

As I realised,

Silence was falling.

Broken only by the soft


Of those who missed

The light.



My claim over the dead
Is strong.
For each and every one.

I tasted all glory,
Basked in grace.
Loved the turmoil and
Gloried at destruction.
Deeply as if my own.

Even more so.

My claim over the dead
Is strong
For each and all to come.

And yet,
They do not argue
With me.

Something is missing

Feels so odd, my first night of not writing a poem!

I will certainly still be posting poems regularly as it seems I’ve now started something i can’t stop. πŸ™‚

Next task is the collection and to get cracking on some illustrations too.

Think i *might* allow myself the weekend off, so till next week, have a great one everyone πŸ™‚

C, x

And They All Live Happily Ever After

I didn’t know.
What was expected
Of me on that day.
What would be drawn forth.
Never had I thought.

What makes me shudder
The most.
When the dark
Hugs tight and close.

Is that the ending
Fit so well.
Despite its horror.
It was the only one.

I could ever have

Ever have made.

The Power Of Your Ideas

It broke.
A carefully constructed
Damn in my mind.
Now everything is flowing.
In to one and all.
The tide cannot be stemmed.
And the flood is rising.
Oh how I wish I had known.
This would happen.
That the book.
And the words.
Were so dangerous.
So beautiful.
Which book?
I do not know.
I am underwater.