A little drop

I dropped the night

Into a watery sky.

And watched

it’s inky fingers spread.

Stains across the sun.

And smiled.

As I realised,

Silence was falling.

Broken only by the soft


Of those who missed

The light.


Something is missing

Feels so odd, my first night of not writing a poem!

I will certainly still be posting poems regularly as it seems I’ve now started something i can’t stop. πŸ™‚

Next task is the collection and to get cracking on some illustrations too.

Think i *might* allow myself the weekend off, so till next week, have a great one everyone πŸ™‚

C, x

And They All Live Happily Ever After

I didn’t know.
What was expected
Of me on that day.
What would be drawn forth.
Never had I thought.

What makes me shudder
The most.
When the dark
Hugs tight and close.

Is that the ending
Fit so well.
Despite its horror.
It was the only one.

I could ever have

Ever have made.

The Power Of Your Ideas

It broke.
A carefully constructed
Damn in my mind.
Now everything is flowing.
In to one and all.
The tide cannot be stemmed.
And the flood is rising.
Oh how I wish I had known.
This would happen.
That the book.
And the words.
Were so dangerous.
So beautiful.
Which book?
I do not know.
I am underwater.