Losing the Thread

I grazed my knee once
Just a tiny tear
When it healed
It must have left
A tiny loose thread
That gets tugged
Now and again
At least i think
That’s what happened
Because I am


The Cloaked Figure

He pulls up his hood before stepping out
The trim of his cloak skimming the street
As he sets off to wander once more
To most he is nothing but the darkest of stories
The night time thought that morning chases away
No footsteps will echo as he passes your way
He will not knock or ask for an invite
Just remember he has travelled far and wide
With not a chance to stop and rest
He will expect no welcome or warm embrace
Just an end to this one journey
So he can return to the dark


Song swirls in my head
Just one line or phrase
Wormed in through my ear
Made itself a cosy home
The words of another
Still echo in their voice
I speak it sounds like me
Yet all I can think is them
Remembered beat bounces
Makes my brain skip again
Whatever it may be
It’s the sound track of my day

Supporters Charter

Welcome to the family
By birthright or adoption
Come share our constant burden
Which is also our crutch
It will bring you despair
Yet highs of utter joy
Our love will inspire hate
That comes with jealousy
We will be a reality
And provide total escape
Become passion and frustration
Something you cannot give up
Hope for more joyous meetings
Than drowning of sorrows
Whichever they may be
We will always know
Exactly how you feel

My Familiar

I wouldn’t give my blanket
To anyone but her
My food is to sustain me
Unless she is hungry
I worry about very little
Except her all the time
My home feels incomplete
Until she comes to me

Take the Road

Lights sparkle and shine
Electric fires in the night
Now the stars shy away
From the main beam show
Horns and engines blare
A new kind of music
Has taken over this place
Once there was silence
Now its the beat of pistons
Only scavengers remain
To dance to this tune
In the concrete domain
Where night never falls
And work never ends