I Cannot Follow

On flew the bird,
Through bullets
Of rain.
Heavy and fat, on
Tiny bone and wing
Should snap.
Fierce drops try to hammer
Fragile life
To the ground.

Unchanged, and elegant,
On she flies.

While I,
Am weighed down.
A thousand cold kisses
Have forced me
To stop.


The Memory Thief Strikes

Each day
I wrote
A memory.
On a scrap
Of paper.
The wind
Stole it
High away
From me.
And now
I live, and
That lost
Has been
By a bird
Who now
He lost
His first
Love in

The Opera One Day

They all grabbed the air
And flew on away.
Except you who stayed
And had something to say.
You sang and sang
Till you’re little heart could burst.
While the giant who watched
Frowned and feared the worst.
So you changed your song
To a light and pretty jest.
The tall man smiled and said
Your song was the best.
Then the tune changed
It was sad and slow.
Giant tears he cried
It made him feel so low.
So the day passed
With notes so sublime. 
That both giant and bird
Could have spent a lifetime.

Mr Magpie

If you see him
As he travels
Here to there,
And he is all
Leave him be.
Do not run
Or curse his
Bright black eyes,
Just wish him
A good morning
No matter what the
Time of day
And carry
Quickly on.
Don’t forget
To greet him
Just those
Two little words
Unless you
Wish a shadow
To fall and
Darken all your

(For my dad, with love,x )