A little drop

I dropped the night

Into a watery sky.

And watched

it’s inky fingers spread.

Stains across the sun.

And smiled.

As I realised,

Silence was falling.

Broken only by the soft


Of those who missed

The light.


Excuse Me Sir

The moon while it slept.
Was silently slain.
Turning the sun white.
With grief and pain. 

The blue was stolen.
From all of the sky.
A vast emptiness reigned. 
Not a single bird would fly.

So in monochrome life.
A town shuffled slow.
One quiet soul alone.
Knew the curse would go.

Their voice was not heard.
Above each mournful cry.
And in ones, then twos.
Shadow people lay down to die.

The world it turned.
Till the population was one.
With a secret, silent prayer.
Misery lifted, darkness gone.

So in a new colourful life.
Heard loud and clear.
The smiling lone soul.
Sang sweetly with no fear. 

A Willing Prisoner

It descended that night.
But nobody even blinked.
And life carried on.
Normal for a time.

– Darkness follows.

To start with just one,
Then a week or a month,
The days turned strange.
Keys clicked in locks.

– Darkness finds.

Slowly my never special home
Evolved in to this.
A town of microcosms.
All blinded to each other.

– Darkness breeds.

And I have not left,
These four walls.
For many a year now.
I have everything I need.

– Darkness swallows.

It descended that night.
And stole all the trust.
Brought all the fear,
And hate you find here.

But nobody noticed.

Seize the Night

White hand.
Reached, stretched.
Just far enough.
To touch the night.
To tear a piece.
Her very own souvenir.
Taken wherever
She decided to go.
But night, it grows.
In every dusk and shadow.
Until soon it was taking
The girl.
Wherever it wanted
To go.
And she was forever,
Lost to darkness.
Dimly lit.
By one,
White hand.

Over The Hill

Far away
And over the hills
Is where I aim
To reach one day
The land death
Himself fears to tread
And darkness visits
Only so briefly

Far away
Beyond the river bends
I will see with these
Waiting grey eyes
The land where light
Is king and the crystal
Dew its gentle queen

Far away
I will see this place
But I will never
See the land
Beneath my feet