Gained a Second Shadow

It follows me
Sometimes riding,
Holding tight
At times just a few
Paces behind
My second shadow
I cannot shake it
Even if I could
I doubt my strength
Or will
My second heart
Dark and heavy
Follows me, day
And night, until
My first beats
No more.


Just One More

Blood red
Deep and biting
Go straight to my head
Warm and spicy
Promises of a better tomorrow
Hold my hand, no more
Will sorrow ever find me
While the red liquid runs
And I cannot see
The bottom.

Rest Not For Me

Friend it is time to be moving on
Here I am afraid is no home for us
Songs of a dark and a lonely time
Dance in the minds of the people
Friend it is time to be moving on
Trouble is in hearts and no love is here
Shadows are waiting now just for us
Gathering to jump and to drag us back
Friend it is time to move

(This is my first attempt at Dactylic metre, be kind please 🙂 Fun trying out new styles)

Don’t, Stay

His fingers brushed her cheek,
Light and soft as mist.
Yet they burnt and scarred,
As deep as white heat.
His eyes looked right through her.
Loosened the bolts,
Of locked chambers in her head.
She clung to him, digging nails in,
While trying to push him away.
He smiled. Lightening stabbed,
Shattered against the world.
He smiled. She cried.