That Half Light

The kind of light
That’s not
The kind of dark
That’s not
Makes everything
Seem half real
And not
Casting shadows that
Are there
And not
This time belongs
To all who have
And not


Back at the Beginning – 2

The handwriting is tight
Looped and hurried
The words peek through
The faded smudged paper
Can’t tell where the
Wrinkles in the note
Stop and where they start
In my hands, seems
We aged together
But my tired eyes can
Still see the one line
Staring back at me
Never forget who I am

I found the note on
This long road
But it means nothing
To me
I cannot

All Neat and Tidy

I packed my life
In to an old
Cardboard box
And put it away
Under the stairs
Years danced by
Bland and unnoticed
Until one day I
Upon that box
Battered, soggy
And covered in webs
With my life
I’d packed my
Memories too
Not knowing what
I would find, I
Tore open the box
In a flash that old
Life came flooding
Filling me with
Colour and pain
and spreading out
In to the world
Never to be boxed

Numb My Mind

The room is white
So one dimensional
You cant tell wall
From floor from
Ceiling from door
So bright it’s
Blinding, so empty
Its destroying
Thoughts can’t live
No time to breathe
They leave the mind
Fall down dead
Almost instantly
The room is white
Just small enough
For one, just blank
Enough to numb the
Soul. The room
Is my sanctuary.

Smile and the Whole World Smiles

I can see it grinning
Through the haze.
The heat makes it
Shimmer, even less
Real than before.
White its many teeth
Glaring bright in
This blinding sun.
Cavernous, gaping
And waiting it seems.
It could be that my brain
Given in to the baking,
Has melted in to madness,
Or it could be that
Hell really is smiling
Back at me.

When I Close My Eyes

Swimming down and down
Through the murky dark
Seeking the deepest
Black of them all, with
Its warmth and safety.
Clouds of shadow surround me,
Hugging me tight, pulling
Me on, down and down.
Till one day I will find
The place which has no
End, no start, no
Middle, just black swirling
All around me. Cocooning
Me in the Night.

I still search blindly
Down and down.