The Heart Of Me and Mine

You misunderstood.
My friend.
On one point at least. 
I do not believe
In this soul
Of mine.
But that does not
Protect me.
From the grief.
Found in distance.
Between who
I am.
And where
I stand.


Clock Watching

And they spin faster.
Hands are wrung.
Worn through
Worries and
Joys alike. An
March repeating
Itself all the
World over.
Different stages
End the same.
Because the spinning
Won’t ever slow.
And only stops

Shuffle the Deck Carefully

The way the cards lay.
Too late to be undone.
A story was told.
That hearts of men
Would break.
As towers crumbled.
And the women fell.
All around their feet.
Hidden by shattered
And stained diamonds. 
Just because the wrong
Person was holding
The best hand.