What it is to ask

Will you make me a promise?

– A lie for you

To never get old.
But always be there.

Stay as strong as you are.
And as weak as me.

Will you make me a promise?

– A gift for me

To be everything I ask.
But more that I don’t.

Prop me up when I stumble.
Even if you fall.

Will you make me a promise?

– A story to tell

Never tell me the truth.
Even if I ask

– A heart to break


And We All Looked

Not enough
Or too much.

Said the girl.

The obligatory

In the hope
That he too


Said the boy.

Not for long.
Soon, I’ll be extra

Unlike you.

Said the girl.

And looked

In all the Wonder, I am Lost

So, you find a demon.
Tamed, granting wishes,
Golden rings, silken webs.
Please keep its tricks
From me.

You find an opal eye.
Seeing our time,
All places forever.
Please do not come
Looking at me.

And you find a flower.
The moonlight petals can
Wake me from my death.
Please don’t bring this
Beauty to me.

You find your reflection.
And know it. 
To be just you.
Then please.
Find me too.

I Heard The Roar, I Ran

No longer will I
Look, to shores
Of distant lands.
The foaming roar
Of grey wolf waves,
Battered me back.
Screamed me down.
Faced me in defeat.
Toward this. 
The land so banal. 
Worn to fit these feet.
As they grow and harden.

No longer will I look. 
Nowhere else will
I call home.
For I have dreamed.
And failed.
So I look to love.
Where I stand.