Over Your Shoulder

Not a single eye,
Could spare an upward glance.
No flesh gently prickled,
In the colourless morning.

The cracks were small.
Tickling the distance.

Routines fulfilled their role,
The most popular dance.
No hair stood to attention,
In the colourless morning.

The cracks they grew,
Grinning, running wildly.

Life meandered slowly,
So easily distracting the living.
No heart revved its beat,
In the colourless morning.

Oh, the cracks are yawning,
Too wide.

So late.


Time, time, time

I’m back.

Sorry for the lack of poems recently, I’ve not stopped writing I’ve just been rather busy. In the last month I’ve got married (Yey!) and been on honeymoon (also Yey!). So it’s been amazing but hectic.

Now I’m back and there is room in my brain for poetry again.  I’ll be posting something this evening in fact.

Hope you are all well and will still enjoy my posts.