A little drop

I dropped the night

Into a watery sky.

And watched

it’s inky fingers spread.

Stains across the sun.

And smiled.

As I realised,

Silence was falling.

Broken only by the soft


Of those who missed

The light.


The Way Through The Night

I only have one eye.
To see the day.
Narrow vision. 
For events that
Surround me.
I miss so very much.
Through this one
Hole of sight.

I have only one eye.
To see the night.
The stars.
Dreams and wishes.
So wide I see it all.
Missing nothing.
Through this pearl
Of sight.

I have two eyes.
And nothing.

And So I Tell You

He whispered
At midnight.
With the deepest
Of hopes and
Slimmest faith.
That the night
Would hold his secret,
Tight and safe.
Not a gambler.
But a burdened man,
Who had wished
Those words gone,
Away from his lips,
In to the arms of
Sleep and dreams
And so he went. 
Toward the morning.
Freedom in his heart.
Lighter in his step.
But always scared
Of the dark. 

This I Do Not Want

Heavy and deep,
In silver grey
Smoke, my breath
Came, against sapphire
Night. It held
For a moment,
As elegant twisted
Statues, then
Dissolved all
Around. Wrapping
Me in a mist made
Solely of all
That I have ever
Breathed in.
But not wanted
To hold on to
Enough. So I
Let it escape
With my next
Smokey sigh.

When You Wish Upon A Star

Cold crackled up
And down my pale
Shaking skin.

The ice black water
Demanding my all,
Even the shallowest breath.

As I burst through
Shattering silence,
To frozen depths. 

Looking, only for you.
To hold your watery
White diamond shine.

I’ve seen you hiding
So far down, on so many
Solitary  nights.

On this night I shall
Reach you. 

As the water drags me