Away Before The Sun Awakes

The sun sets now.
And you. 
Away down that
One clear road.
Round corners and
On, on further.
Till out of sight. 
The scene
Plays on repeat.
Corners bend
The road
Runs thinner,
And the sun.
Burns red.
And you
To nothing.
But a burnt


Sky Swallowed Earth

With not even a whisper.
Nor last hopeful cry.
Just a silent sinking.
Below the eye.
The last weak yellow ray
Faded out, and
To a place forever changed.
We all awoke.
Fog in the air.
Mist in our throat.
Nothing but blurred.
Matchstick men.
We stumbled and fell.
As feet were lost.
And found.
Till one by one.
In this cloud land.
We all.

Something is missing

Feels so odd, my first night of not writing a poem!

I will certainly still be posting poems regularly as it seems I’ve now started something i can’t stop. 🙂

Next task is the collection and to get cracking on some illustrations too.

Think i *might* allow myself the weekend off, so till next week, have a great one everyone 🙂

C, x

Excuse Me Sir

The moon while it slept.
Was silently slain.
Turning the sun white.
With grief and pain. 

The blue was stolen.
From all of the sky.
A vast emptiness reigned. 
Not a single bird would fly.

So in monochrome life.
A town shuffled slow.
One quiet soul alone.
Knew the curse would go.

Their voice was not heard.
Above each mournful cry.
And in ones, then twos.
Shadow people lay down to die.

The world it turned.
Till the population was one.
With a secret, silent prayer.
Misery lifted, darkness gone.

So in a new colourful life.
Heard loud and clear.
The smiling lone soul.
Sang sweetly with no fear. 

…so it ends?

Time flies when you’re having fun.

On the 14th February I will have written a poem a day for a year.

I can’t believe how this has flown by, and how much I have enjoyed it. Parts of me, my brain, dormant for too long are back.

Thank you all so much for your support, means the world.

But this isn’t the end really. I’ll be looking at producing the poems as a collection (if anyone is interested 🙂 ) so watch this space.

Im certainly still writing too, this blog won’t stop so stick with me please. The frequency will just drop a little, maybe one a week.

As always, thank you all, and here’s to almost endings and new beginnings 🙂

Cat x

Hello Trouble

This was coming.
Since first my
Foot fell
In to this world.
Steps would
lead me here.
Even though
I tried to run it
Became a dance.
Alone not for long.
The wrong person.
In a place, at a time,
Never should
Have been.
Always was.
I even lead,
Chose the tune.
No excuses.
Under my own
With my own smile.
I have arrived.
Where I always
I offer no
If you were fool enough
To follow.