The Moon Said

The night waits for you
As it will not for me
Letting you spend your
Time in the safety of light
While I am condemned
To the fears of the dark
For what ever rhyme or reason
Our lives have separated, and
I will watch without jealousy
Your endless days, always
One step ahead of my
Stretching black nights
Because while you dance
And bask, I am still waiting
Watching and learning
Hoping for night to fall
On a land where only
I know the secrets found
In eternal darkness


Boredom is Dangerous

A smile made a throne
Of my lips
The day you arrived
But it’s known that
No one can reign
For ever
Left vacant the throne
Eventually passed
To a frown
While waiting for the next
Valiant idea that would
Rise to claim the
Kingdom of my mind
And rule with smiles
Once more.

Do As I Say

Go inside
Go on now, go
There are things
Out here, dangerous
And wild
That have no thoughts
For your happiness
Or life
They wouldn’t even
Understand such things
So go inside
Go on now, go
And stay
Where the only wild
Dangerous things
Are the ones in your head
Go inside
I only said it was safer
Promised nothing more
So go on now

The Work

It starts before this
When the page is blank
But I cant show you that
Because every thought
Leaves a mark, stains the page
Until a network forms
Giving some sort of shape
To the haphazard snaps
And whirls that bounce
In my head, demanding
To be free
I don’t dare tell them
That in fact they are
Captured forever, here.
Although I guess by now
These ones know.

Days on days

I wonder if I will ever find
My aimless pilgrimage
One in a million
Yet all alike
All thinking
Finding something new
That’s oh so old
Always said, nothing’s original
Not even this
Even my thoughts
Once someone else’s
The lone wanderer
Who walks in crowds
Just like me
At least I know
And when I find
Whatever it is
It will be new
To me
The way it’s been
To all

Learning Lines

I want to laugh
But it sounds so wrong
A hollow rattle instead
Of an enchanting song
I know how it should sound
So sweet and light
All I can muster is dragged
From the depths of night
I remember the way it should be
It’s recorded in my head
But my acting is so poor
It would only entertain the dead
I want to laugh
But it sounds so wrong
Still I must keep practising
To perfect this song