What it is to ask

Will you make me a promise?

– A lie for you

To never get old.
But always be there.

Stay as strong as you are.
And as weak as me.

Will you make me a promise?

– A gift for me

To be everything I ask.
But more that I don’t.

Prop me up when I stumble.
Even if you fall.

Will you make me a promise?

– A story to tell

Never tell me the truth.
Even if I ask

– A heart to break


Gather Round

A snatched line,
Tells me little of you.
Stolen phrase,
Gives away more of them.
Accidental truth,
On the rushing wind.
Sounds like an ending.
And by luck.
Or mischief.
I have built a life.
The story of you.
Which I will feed
To any hungry ears.

When Do You Win At All In This Game

All was won.
He said.
And I was not
To worry anymore.
I was to sleep.
Never to dream.

Just not to worry.

So our lies
Ran side by side.
He would fight
No more.
I would watch
My nights mind.
No more.

Just not to worry.

I do not speak.
Of the things
The stars show me.
He does not tell
Of his days.
Just tall tales are

We do not worry.

In Stasis

On top of a storybook hill.
A man ran around and around.
Until he wore a perfect circle.
In the emerald green ground.
At the softest point in it,
He lay down to sleep.
And there he stays to this day.
Not on the way up, down.
Or coming and going.
But resting forever.
Without beginning

The First Page to Last

Once upon a time.
A story started
Such a way.
That made me cry.
No matter how many
Times I read cover to cover.

Then, somewhere along the way,
And little by little. 
I forgot all the words. 
And lost my belief
In imagination. 

Once upon this time.
The story faded away. 
And now all tears are
Reserved for the real things
In life.

Forever after?