What it is to ask

Will you make me a promise?

– A lie for you

To never get old.
But always be there.

Stay as strong as you are.
And as weak as me.

Will you make me a promise?

– A gift for me

To be everything I ask.
But more that I don’t.

Prop me up when I stumble.
Even if you fall.

Will you make me a promise?

– A story to tell

Never tell me the truth.
Even if I ask

– A heart to break


Over Your Shoulder

Not a single eye,
Could spare an upward glance.
No flesh gently prickled,
In the colourless morning.

The cracks were small.
Tickling the distance.

Routines fulfilled their role,
The most popular dance.
No hair stood to attention,
In the colourless morning.

The cracks they grew,
Grinning, running wildly.

Life meandered slowly,
So easily distracting the living.
No heart revved its beat,
In the colourless morning.

Oh, the cracks are yawning,
Too wide.

So late.

The Threads Around A Heart

Around the corner.
A strange situation.
And sat right at its heart,
Was me.

Tied in place.
By a thousand tiny
Black threads.
Flying out to connect.

With all the other people.
Who will become part
Of this. 

I cannot help it
But i’m dragging them in
To make the situation
Even more tangled.

The Greed Of Asking For Trust

I would sell you the world.
And everything in it.
Though I know
You would destroy it.
In the blink of an evil eye.

You could bid for the sweet life.
Of everyone I have met.
And I would not stop you.
Or even raise a hand.

Yes it’s true.
My heart is yours.
For a price of course.
Experiment all you wish.
Break it in the end.
It bothers me not.

There is nothing I would
Not part with.
For the shine of gold.
Or the love of silver.
For only that cold metal,
Can I bring myself to trust.