What it is to ask

Will you make me a promise?

– A lie for you

To never get old.
But always be there.

Stay as strong as you are.
And as weak as me.

Will you make me a promise?

– A gift for me

To be everything I ask.
But more that I don’t.

Prop me up when I stumble.
Even if you fall.

Will you make me a promise?

– A story to tell

Never tell me the truth.
Even if I ask

– A heart to break


The Toy Shop Speaks

Pull the string.
The words repeated.
Time and again.
Till batteries
Can’t make the phrase
Sound real.

In time.
In silence.
Ideas will form.
And I will find.
A way to say
All the the things.
Not dared.

Pull the string.
Never my fault. 

Run Darling Run

Walked on away.
Putting corners between us.
Mountains behind me.
Barriers of miles. 
Never believing your
Words that relentlessly
Dogged my steps. 
Yet resolutely carrying
My own arrogance. 
No matter the weight.
Knowing you do not follow
Pretending I hear your
Heavy footfalls.