What it is to ask

Will you make me a promise?

– A lie for you

To never get old.
But always be there.

Stay as strong as you are.
And as weak as me.

Will you make me a promise?

– A gift for me

To be everything I ask.
But more that I don’t.

Prop me up when I stumble.
Even if you fall.

Will you make me a promise?

– A story to tell

Never tell me the truth.
Even if I ask

– A heart to break


Only You Can Help Me Now

Be my general.
My right hand.
Advise and obey.
Whenever I say.
Bring your friends.
That is an order.
To join the ranks.
Left to right.
Left to right.

Then we will march.
Towards the end.
The setting sun.
Winning my cause.
Making me king.
I promise you.
Won’t be forgotten.


The Land Couldn’t Move

Rain beat down
Hard and sharp, shining
Shards of dark water
Yet still she stood
High on that hill
Watching, waiting
Keeping her promise

Wind flew in fast
Beating with swirling fists
But couldn’t make her move
Or take her eyes
From the horizon

Slowly softly snow fell
Gentle fingers freezing all
As that year met its end
She did not shiver
Nor take one step
High on that hill

A promise had been made
That someone must keep
And to this day she stands
Watching over the land
That can send nothing
To make her move