Given Up

This place has too many ghosts
I cannot separate what is real
From what I want, anymore
Often I think about leaving
Finding a place more fit
For the living, than made
By the dead
Often I think about changing
All the things that give
Them homes, and bring the
I should have tried before
To free me from the past, and
Make new stories to tell
So, often I thought about moving
But this place has another

One thought on “Given Up

  1. I enjoyed reading this thought inspiring reflection of how easy it is to often criticise and express our wish to change the world in which we live and apportion blame to others, inanimate or otherwise for the situations we are in. There is strong suggestion of the writer’s understanding that they should be part subject of this criticism because they have chosen not to prevent their contribution to the memories of ghosts and have ultimately become one themselves…

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