Your bones
Cling still
To that wall.

A forever scene
Of your
Last stand.

The colour of time.
A pale reminder

That you tried

To climb higher
Than anyone

Is allowed.


Why Will You Talk But Say Nothing At All

Your genius lay
In waiting.
A smile.
While I set my own trap.
Raised myself for
My great fall.
By the words I uttered.
With confident ownership.
Blind to the rising tide.
The sea of letters
And voices of mine.
That would drown me.
In the end.
While you smile.
As your silence
Will save you.

Beaten To It

The wind stole
The heat from
My lips.
Before I had
A chance.
To blow a steam
With my final breath.
I wanted to send it
Flying on to you.
Wings of thought.
Scaled with emotion.
The delicate beast,
Would burn you
In the roar of
My last word.
But the wind.
Stole the chance. 
With the heat
From my lips.