I Cannot Follow

On flew the bird,
Through bullets
Of rain.
Heavy and fat, on
Tiny bone and wing
Should snap.
Fierce drops try to hammer
Fragile life
To the ground.

Unchanged, and elegant,
On she flies.

While I,
Am weighed down.
A thousand cold kisses
Have forced me
To stop.


The Loss of Sol

She watched the water
Fall as liquid bullets
On to the lake. Shrapnel
Drops bounced back up
Hitting anything that
Couldn’t run away.
The bullets rained down
On her, plastering her hair
To an ashen white face
Peppering a body and
Staining her clothes with
See-through wounds.
Rain turned the sky bruise
Black and purple.
Soon the wind would
Join, cavalry coming.
All the time the weather
Waged war around her.
She sat still as stone, taking
No side and seeking no
Shelter. The only thing
Worth fighting for
Had already been lost