Escape Me

Today I feel old.
And wish to rest by the fire.
Clutching photographs
Of times gone by.
Myself back to then.
Today I feel old.
Perhaps tomorrow I shall not.

3 thoughts on “Escape Me

  1. That’s the thing about photos – always the past and sometimes a long time past. But they can create laughter and joy.
    Your poems are pictures and am loving them all, sad or not.
    Often totally unexpected endings too!

  2. I adore the symmetry of this one; pivoting around the current, the first part harks back to days when the writer felt much younger, and the latter part looks forward to an eagerly awaited future time when they again may feel less old…

    The irony lies in the time passing by unrecognised, and that tomorrow, the writer may again look back with fondness, to the time that is today…

    Brilliant! 🙂

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