Leave Footprints Where You Tread

I read every letter
That your own hand
Created. At least
Four maybe five
Times. No meaning
Could I find.
Nor was a single
Truth uncovered.
In this mass of text.
Just the distant
Impression of something.
You wanted to say,
But couldn’t find
The words. Perhaps
Would not use them
If you had. So, I ask of
You only one thing.
Use letters sparingly.
Words kindly.
And meaning liberally.

3 thoughts on “Leave Footprints Where You Tread

  1. Such a very accurate reflection of life; how we rarely, for whatever reason, say what we mean, or fail to effectively convey the meaning of what we say…

    The underlying truth is stark; time is precious and limited, live life fully, and like a cocentrated drop of aromatic oil of love spreading so very far and wide, say little which means the very most! πŸ™‚

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