The Flower of the Wild

– How embarrassing

The rose blossomed
Black instead of
Delicate pink

– Oh the shame

Its strong fragrance
Of spice and blood
Snaked through the
Dusk purple air

– Everything is ruined

As it wears its
Sharp thorns with
Pride and glory

– Oh how awful

It should have been
So gentle, demure
Not this wild growing
Rose of night and fire

How wonderful

One thought on “The Flower of the Wild

  1. I love this one…

    For me, this represents the utter disproportionate onus I often place on mistakes I have made in my life; mistakes which appear so severe they draw blood which pervades and infiltrates my every thought with ink-stained regret…

    Reflected in the last verse is the intent.

    Critically embossed is the aknowledgement that however my decisions have played out, my initial intent never was to cause regret, but was one of “demure gentleness,” and a seed I planted in the hope of a very different outcome…

    Awe inspiring! 🙂

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