One of Those Days

The journey was long,
As they often are.
The mocking still rang
Loud in my ears.
How they laughed as I left,
To buy some time.
Only made the joy sweeter,
When I found my goal.
That withered old lady,
Whose eyes chilled me through,
And questioned my all.
Finally offered me just
Her standard everyday wares.
Yet I had travelled so far
For something much more.
To give me another chance.
Those days, she told me,
Came at a far higher price.
Then, I said, I shall just
Have one.

One thought on “One of Those Days

  1. We often need to take time out; to take stock and re-evaluate our direction and goal.

    I really like the suggestion of the old lady who represents the writer in the future; an old lady who, however difficult and ‘chilling’ for the writer to contemplate, has such sagely advice to administer to those who listen with the largest ears…advice which only the foolhardy coud ignore…

    Or maybe I’m wrong…

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