Sweet, Gentle

Would you be mine?
Sweet gentle and mine
Strong harsh and yours
Will you be here always?
But only when I want you
Can you praise me without fail?
Only when I deserve it
Will your eyes see only me?
And notice all that brings me joy
But nothing that brings pain
Will you be mine?
Say yes to all I ask
If you will
You should not
If I did ask
Would you tell me never again?

One thought on “Sweet, Gentle

  1. Really like this one.

    Written in the style of a specification wish list, this initially reads as clearly mapping out the desired attributes of a companion; but all is not as it first appears.

    There are underlying suggestions that the writer quests a confirmation of their self-contentment with encouragement and reinforcement gratefully received, and criticism bitterly rejected…

    I adore the intriguing twist in the final few lines, which, perhaps, allows a glimpse into the writer’s rationale; their deeply held fear that to be criticised for all that they recognise within themselves to be imperfect, means to be unloved. The final line shouts loudly a request, far and wide, for this burning belief to be extinguished…

    Fantastic! 🙂

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