Inevitable Knowledge

Through the night it moved.
Hugging to the shadows.
Tired, stumbling, yet
With obvious dark purpose.
My heart could feel its footsteps
Forced my feet untangled,
Legs unfroze, thawed to run.
But it would never leave,
Me be. No matter
How long or hard I tried
Always gaining,
March of the inevitable.
Yet still I tried.
What else could I do,
Even though
With one last glance,
I could see, too late
I knew

One thought on “Inevitable Knowledge

  1. Very graphic use of metaphors paints a disturbing image of a cloying, stalking spectre, matching the writer’s every move…

    Although prepared to run, it is evident the writer senses this is futile, with nowhere to flee; for the spectre lies deep within their subconscious…

    There is no escape…

    Haunting and evocative! 🙂

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