The Lucky Ones

It came to me, when my mind was far away
Beautiful twisted shape and form
Whose colours span and swirled
Fusing in to anything I could never see
So far away and yet still my mind
Glittered with life as it came to me
And I don’t know if I am sad, or glad
That it will be the way, always
That some will get everything
They have ever dreamt of, and it will
Become real, warm and touch their skin
While others, like me, will stay far away
And get to keep their dreams


One thought on “The Lucky Ones

  1. I really like the writer’s description of the swirling, twisted colours of dreams, which glitteringly fuse into reality in the subconscious.

    Others may appear to live their dreams; however this is untrue, as other Utopian desires relentlessly march on, swarming and multiplying, replacing those achieved and acquired, dissolving their value and our appreciation of them.

    The writer is content in their knowledge that their dreams are best lived in the subconscious, are theirs to keep and are forever protected from the destruction of reality…


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