We All Fall Down

Fall down the rabbit hole.
Stare up to the night sky.
Choose your favourite star.
The one that stares right back.
Take in its small white warmth.
Grab hold of that first root
And start the long climb up.
Just to get back to the start.
Keep the star in your eye.
That heat in your body.
As you aim for a height
you will never reach.
A million twinkling eyes watch,
You try, watch you rise.
Fall down the rabbit hole.
Climb with the stars.


One thought on “We All Fall Down

  1. A life so busy, so hectic, there is no time to pause and view the winding path ahead as it unfurls with every step.

    A stumble, hiccup or setback favours the refocus and re-evaluation of the desired goal. A goal initially faint, growing warmer and brighter, nearing with every breath.

    That goal may not be ultimately reached, and our efforts seem merely a drop in the ocean.

    Follow that star and remember just one thing;
    For the ocean is made up of drops…

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