In an effort to start writing again and to fend off the force of laziness, I have set myself the challenge of writing one poem a day for a year. I’m under no illusion that this is going to go well for the whole year, but if I don’t try I wont know. Hopefully this will improve my imagination, skill and motivation.

Im making it public so I have a record of what I have done but also I would welcome feedback, but this is the first time I’ve opened my work up to anyone other than family, so please be kind.

Thanks, and here we go….


2 thoughts on “Challenge

  1. Greetings, I discovered your blog after reading on Lucy Williams’ blog and was curious to see how your challenge was going or had went. I have never set myself such a challenge, to write everyday, but I am going to enjoy beginning here in your journey and reading through! Thanks for sharing your gifts and talents!

    • Thank you. That’s such a lovely comment and great to know people are finding me 🙂 it was really tough but im so glad i did it, if nothing else its a good diary of a year! I hope you enjoy reading through. Im currently working on some illustrations and maybe an ebook. Should be some new poems too 🙂 Cat

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